Investment Casting

Waukesha Foundry Investment Casting – Proven and Capable

When your casting project demands the tightest tolerances and best surface finish, Waukesha’s proven Full Mold Investment Casting process is the solution. Our castings are recognized throughout the industry as being the preferred choice for mid to large size castings featuring complex geometries and/or intricate designs with varying section sizes.

Process Description

Waukesha’s Consumable Pattern Ceramic Molding provides Investment like Castings. The process is a type of evaporative-pattern casting where special foam, polymethyl methacrylate acrylic (PMMA) or stereolithography (SLA) is used for the pattern material instead of wax as in the traditional investment cast process. The process employed at Waukesha utilizes foam patterns produced from dedicated dies in higher production applications, foam patterns machined from stock material through the use of a machining program, or printed PPMA / SLA developed from a customer supplied model.

The foam patterns are then processed through a slurry/stucco application similar to the lost wax process and the ceramic shells are then completed through a kiln drying process to achieve their maximum strength and finish prior to casting.

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Key Waukesha Advantages

  • Ideal for very complex castings that would often require cores.
  • High dimensional accuracy. Minimal draft angles.
  • Excellent near-net surface finish for minimal machining.
  • Wide range of alloys available including many of Waukesha’s own industry leading in-house specialty metals.

Waukesha Investment Casting Capabilities

  • Size range from 1lb up to 1000lbs.
  • Section sizes can range from .250 up to 14″
  • Surface finish from 300 RMS dependent on the size and processing.
  • Alloy choices from Austempered Ductile Iron through multiple Stainless and Carbon Steel grades as well as Superalloys.
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