Waukesha Metal 88

WM88 offers superior galling and corrosion resistance.

Waukesha Metal 88, also known as “WM88”, “Alloy 88”, ASTM A494 CY5SnBiM, and UNS N26055 is an alloy invented and previously patented by Waukesha Foundry in 1954 (US5242657A). Its main purpose is to prevent galling during metal-on-metal contact while being resistant to corrosion, especially in food processing industries where the use of liquid lubricants is prohibited. It is approved by the FDA (and 3-A sanitary standards) for contact with food and works well in conjunction with stainless steels, Inconel, Monel, and chromium plated parts where daily cleaning or sterilization is needed.

WM88 offers superior galling and corrosion resistance. This proprietary alloy can be used at elevated temperatures, is ideal for use wherever close clearance with moving parts is required and can be machined with or without coolant. WM88 has low thermal conductivity and requires careful tool selection – generally, cast iron grades of carbide are the best tool materials. To ensure quality, we run anti-galling testing on every heat produced.