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Our extensive manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce castings in over 200 different alloys, ranging from 1 to over 6,000 pounds. Waukesha Foundry is a single-source supplier for value-added operations such as polishing, painting and machining, so even challenging orders are delivered on time and on budget.

Advanced Molding Processes:

  • Chemically Bonded Sand
  • Patternless
  • Consumable Pattern Ceramic Molding / FoamCast
  • Nose Cone

  • IN100 Forming Dye

Value Added Services:

Solidification and Solid Modeling

We utilize SolidWorks® for computer-aided design and SolidCast® for solidification modeling to identify problem areas before castings are produced, enabling us to develop effective and efficient manufacturing processes, reduce lead times and ensure consistent quality.

Melt Capacity

With nine furnaces ranging from 300- to over 4,000-pound capacities, we can adjust by both weight and alloy to pour castings varying from one to over 6,000 pounds in order to accommodate low- to high-volume production runs.

Precision Machining and Fabrication

P&W Machine, Waukesha Foundry’s in-house machine shop, provides casting services, including rough and/or finish machining, Blanchard grinding, polishing, fabrication welding and assembly.

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Customer satisfaction is important to us. We work closely with our customers to engineer the right process for their application. To find out what Waukesha Foundry can do for you, contact us today.