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Known as an innovator in the production of intricately shaped cast components, Waukesha Foundry has embraced changing technology throughout our 100-year history. We use technology in combination with our extensive metallurgical experience and material options to manufacture a full range of products, specifically tailored to meet our customers' casting specifications and quality requirements. Our extensive manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce castings in over 200 different alloys, ranging from 1 to over 6,000 pounds.

We understand the importance of quality assurance. Our ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D certification combined with our Build-to-Ship scheduling means our customers receive the highest quality components, from casting to finished parts – delivered on time.

Clients appreciate our comprehensive project support and global sourcing services along with our focus on quality, accuracy and repeatability.

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Aerospace Tooling

As the top producer of vacuum-tight cast Invar® face sheets, our expertise is proven in applications ranging from resin transfer molds to automobile composite panel tooling to complex tooling for aircraft surface and structural composite components:

  • Complex, thin cast Invar® face sheets
  • Steel face sheet castings
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Waukesha Foundry has been producing complex cast components for the defense industry for over 70 years. Our extensive experience in metallurgical processes enables us to customize or create new alloys to meet defense requirements for lighter, stronger cast components in a wide variety of applications:

  • P900 Armor
  • Towed Array Sonar System
  • 105 mm and 155 mm Muzzle Brake
  • Military Vehicle Components
  • Naval Weapons System Supports
  • MK 45 and Vertical Launch
  • Drive Sprocket Carrier Wheel
  • Submarine Actuator Housing, Diffusers and Impellers
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Food Processing Equipment

Waukesha Foundry's anti-galling cast components meet the stringent quality standards of this industry for corrosion resistance, cleanliness and sanitation. Our proprietary WM88, WM23BI, WM126 and WM3 alloys are used in applications where daily cleaning or sterilization is required and lubricants are prohibited.

  • Food Pumps
  • Homogenizers
  • Mixers
  • Ice Cream Scrapers
  • Filler Machines
  • Grinders
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Our WF-Repco™ line of heavy back-wall fittings and pressure fittings can stand up to harsh environments and withstand high stress levels. We are the only manufacturer to produce Ohio, Key and Sivyer style plug headers.

  • WF-Repco™ Plug-Style Return Bends
  • WF-Repco™ U-Bends and Elbows
  • WF-Repco™ Tube Supports, Hangers and Brackets
  • WF-Repco™ Drill Bits
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Industrial Equipment

As one of the country's leading producers of closed impeller castings, Waukesha Foundry offers a wide selection of alloys, even those that are difficult to manufacture.

  • Bodies
  • Seal Plates
  • Impellers
  • Casings
  • Bowls
  • Propellers
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